About G-I

G-i Corporation (Công ty CP TM&DV Trang trí GEE) is a highly integrated team of diverse expertise (architecture & interior design, arts & decor, M&E, project management, and consultancy). 

With both intensive local knowledge and vast international exposure, we are able to translate Clients' ideas into successful projects, from concept - to completion - to create effective solutions. As a Design & Build contractor, we offer a complete range of interior design & interior contracting solutions for office, hospitality, retail and residential interior projects. 

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  How we assist you

  Office Projects 
  • From our past success with business clients, we understand that good office design and fit-out should improve business performance, enhance your brand, and help retain and attract key people. And we enjoy creating such spaces for you.
  F&B Projects
  • G-I F&B team is a highly compatible team that works together seamlessly. We built our strength on a solid foundation of experience and knowledge from projects with various big players in the F&B field. While always ensuring project deadlines and budget to be met, it’s our commitment to achieve perfection in the detailed specification of our clients’ order and to give immediate solutions to any arising issues during procurement.
  Hospitality Projects
  • The hospitality industry relies heavily on the ability to achieve superior ratings from guests. We will help bring your guests an unforgettable experience by taking care of subtle factors such as interior design, furniture, complements and accessories – which are all essential for success.
  Retail Projects
  • Furnish your shop, boutique of or shopping mall with style and make it suit your needs of uniqueness, comfort and functions. In a retail setting, the right design can boost sales, influence buying decisions and make customers want to come back to the store. We will apply both our interior & marketing expertise to help transform your shop into a real successful business.
  Residential Projects
  • We listen to you to make sure that we are all on the same page when it comes to designs & expectations. Every detail is taken care of so that the end result captures the true essence of your personality and taste. Each design is unique to transform your house into a home full of dreams and aspirations.



Our Team

G-i is an experienced, dynamic, helpful, friendly and client-oriented team. Having worked in the Interior field since 2009 and delivered more than 600 successful projects, we love our job and are more than eager to serve you.

  • Two Offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
  • Three Factories/ workshops in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
  • 110+ human resource
  • Tung, Tran Xuan
    Managing Director
  • Tung, Nguyen Thanh
    Art Director
  • Hồ Thị Hoàng Giang
    Chief Operation Officer
Tung, Tran-Xuan is G-i founder. He has extent experience in interior and fit-out projects. Before interior, he was also proficient in the field of machinery and decoration products manufacturing and trading. Mr. Tung began his career at a machinery of vocational and technical training firm as Import Manager. He worked with various customers in the fields of Electricity and Electronics, Embedded, IC Design, Automotive, Automations, Mechatronics, Robotics and Instrumentations. He then served as Sales and Export Director for an export corp. He was responsible for selling decoration and crafted furniture to all parts of the world through trade fairs. He continued to enhanced business skills in managing large orders within limited times. In addition, he became excelled in high quality handicraft and furniture sourcing and manufacturing. Mr. Tung holds a Master of Science degree from Wollongong University in Australia, majoring in International Business and Economics.
Tung, Nguyen-Thanh is G-i's Art Director.
Khoa, Ho-Diep-Anh, G-I Ho Chi Minh City’s Sales Director and Office Manager is a 2002 graduate from the Foreign Trade University, HCMC Branch, and a Sales Manager of Hafele – Vietnam’s market leader in furniture fitting and architectural hardware before joining G-i. Khoa, therefore has in-depth knowledge and experience in international trade, CRM, architectural materials and interior fitting as well as a well-built base of supply-chain network. His responsibilities encompass many aspects of our business, including AP/AR, sourcing, billing, sales, and customer service. His innovative ideas, incredible organizational skills and instinctive ability to motivate others, keep our team running smoothly and energetically.
Hoa, Thieu-Le became Project Director of G-i in 2015, having previously worked in large state-owned enterprises dealing with numerous large-scale construction and interior projects. Therefore he has extensive experience in the management of complex projects. His strong organizational skills and problem-solving prowess make him a natural in his line of work, helping him in managing sophisticated client requirements, aggressive schedules and comprehensive consultant teams. Hoa has an innate talent and collaborative spirit, which are critical qualities necessary for working in our growing market.
Giang, Ho Thi Hoang joined G-i Corp. in 2010 when she came back Vietnam from Groningen, The Netherlands. Graduated as a Master of Science in International Economics, majored in Strategic Management, she has always been eager to carry out deep research to bring a client’s brand, culture, distinct work activities into the design of the workplace and how interior can best reinforce strategy.

  Our Commitment

   At G-i, we work hard and smart to maintain:

  • superior quality - above expectations
  • professional team - friendly, dynamic and helpful 
  • attentive services & warranty services
  • safety – goal of zero incidents
  • competitive cost - value-for-money philisophy
  • financial stability thanks to continuous growth
  • aggressive scheduling
  • client-centered approach
  • continuous learning & improving
  • strong management and leadership
  • good production-base - higher quality control

  Our Missions

     by working alongside Clients -
  • ensuring your maximum value
  • with creative and practical interior solutions
  • of the highest standard
  • at competitive prices.
    & by tailoring our services -
  • to your exact needs
  • on a per-project basis
  • and adapt quickly to your ever changing needs.

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