Our Production Base

G-i Corporation's production is tailored to customers individual needs, from our 1500 sqm. factory in Hanoi and 650 sqm. workshop in Ho Chi Minh City.
We've continuously upgraded our production facility by modern machinery acquirement and capacity-building of our workmen. In-house production enables us to maintain a higher level of quaility-control and timing-control in all our projects.

  Our Commitment

   At G-i, we work hard and smart to maintain:

  • superior quality - above expectations
  • professional team - friendly, dynamic and helpful 
  • attentive services & warranty services
  • safety – goal of zero incidents
  • competitive cost - value-for-money philisophy
  • financial stability thanks to continuous growth
  • aggressive scheduling
  • client-centered approach
  • continuous learning & improving
  • strong management and leadership
  • good production-base - higher quality control

  How we assist you

  Office Projects 
  • From our past success with business clients, we understand that good office design and fit-out should improve business performance, enhance your brand, and help retain and attract key people. And we enjoy creating such spaces for you.
  F&B Projects
  • G-I F&B team is a highly compatible team that works together seamlessly. We built our strength on a solid foundation of experience and knowledge from projects with various big players in the F&B field. While always ensuring project deadlines and budget to be met, it’s our commitment to achieve perfection in the detailed specification of our clients’ order and to give immediate solutions to any arising issues during procurement.
  Hospitality Projects
  • The hospitality industry relies heavily on the ability to achieve superior ratings from guests. We will help bring your guests an unforgettable experience by taking care of subtle factors such as interior design, furniture, complements and accessories – which are all essential for success.
  Retail Projects
  • Furnish your shop, boutique of or shopping mall with style and make it suit your needs of uniqueness, comfort and functions. In a retail setting, the right design can boost sales, influence buying decisions and make customers want to come back to the store. We will apply both our interior & marketing expertise to help transform your shop into a real successful business.
  Residential Projects
  • We listen to you to make sure that we are all on the same page when it comes to designs & expectations. Every detail is taken care of so that the end result captures the true essence of your personality and taste. Each design is unique to transform your house into a home full of dreams and aspirations.



  Our Missions

     by working alongside Clients -
  • ensuring your maximum value
  • with creative and practical interior solutions
  • of the highest standard
  • at competitive prices.
    & by tailoring our services -
  • to your exact needs
  • on a per-project basis
  • and adapt quickly to your ever changing needs.